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What is ShivLing

LING means SYMOL (In Sanskrit)

Shiva Lingam means Symbol of Shiva/Supreme being, He is formless and is worshipped as “JYOTIRLING.”

JYOTIRLING brings Peace & Harmony and that’s all what God wants, for everybody…. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christ….Lets bring unity & respect for others.

You will find many such descriptions on the internet. Even though these are absolutely idiotic interpretations of SHIVA_LINGAM and the Hinduism in general, the “WESTENERS” interpretation of SHIVLINGA is perfect image of their spiritual bankruptcy and lowest level of Divinity attained by them. Some translate “LING” as the reproductory organ, which is wrong. People have wrong notion and this myth is spread by Missionaries and Muslims or who do not know the meaning of “LING” in Sanskrit. Even the Indian invaders wanted us to believe it, that way for conversion purposes. Hence we forgot the real meaning of “SHIVA_LINGAM.”

Hinduism has scientific explanation of Supreme Power…that we all consider as GOD. To believe in God emotionally and to know GOD scientifically both are explain in Hinduism…that are called Bhakti-Yoga & Gyan-Yoga….our mind is very small to understand all this….anyway it is the eternal flame of Vairagya…today Hindus are teased as –reprodutory organ worshippers, but the fact is that the symbolism of Shiva-Lingam stands for the Abstract Eternal Super-Shiva consciousness. Vairagya is not Attachment. SHIVA_ LINGA stands for the very non attachment and unbiased love of Lord Shiva………Aum Namah Shivaya.

Shiva-Lingam or Shiva-pindi is a complete symbolic representation of the formless universe bearer-the oval shaped (Egg-shaped) stone is resembling mark of the universe and bottom base is the Supreme power holding the entire universe in it.Similar interpretation is also found in the “Skandha Puran”:-The endless sky which contains the entire Universe, is the Linga; the earth is its base. At the end of time the entire universe and all the Gods finally merge in the Linga itself.” Ling is meant to show that Ishvara has neither beginning nor end. Lingam is believed to be one of the most –potent emblems in HINDU ideals.

The Shiva-linga is an omnipotent Lord, which is formless. Linga also signifies: –Satya, Gyana and Ananta (Truth, Knowledge and Infinity).Linga consists of 3 parts-Lowest is called the BRAHMA_PITHA, the middle one is the VISHNU-PITHA, and the uppermost one, the SHIVA-PITHA.There are 12 “JYOTIR-Lingas and 5 Pancha-Bhuta Lingas in India.

Besides regarding Shiva Linga as the symbol and form of the Lord Shiva, religious scholars have given various interpretations of Shiva Linga.

Shiva Linga is a symbol of Union of the duality of the Shiva and Shakti (Sacred force).This Union is the duality of all the creation around us. The ultimate fact is –only the spiritual mind that has attained the divine awareness can grasp the meaning behind the Shiva, Shakti and the ShivaLinga.

Shiva Linga is a formless representation of God. This is not complete about Lingam, you need to read & Study more about Lingam. If there is any errors, sorry in advance for this. Jay Shree Ram.