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Selfless Love

One evening,Niulkanth arrived at the village of Shripur,which was surrounded by a thick,forbonding jungle. The mahant of the village's monastary approached Nilkanth and said, " Pleasse come inside. It is too dangerous out here. "However, Nilkanth was engrossed in meditation. The mahant persisted, "Please come inside for your safety. Here, at night, there is nothing but imminent death."

Nilkanth finally spoke. "These open skies suit me better than populated places. Besides, I do not fear death. Can dyour walls stop death? If it is fated, death can strike anywhere. I will stay out here, come what may".

That night at midnight, a lion's roar pierced the air and woke everyone from their slumber. Nilkanth, however , remained unperturbed in meditation. Am enormous lion came out of the jungle towards Nilkanth. Its angry eyes flashed like burning coals; its strides shook the earth. Nilkanth calmly opened his eyes and lovingly glaced at it;and the lion instantly went into samathi. When the mahant opened his window to see what had happened, he saw the lion affectionately licking Nilkanth's feet. The mahant thought to himself ,"He must be an incarnation of either Shiv or Krishna!"

In the morning,Nilkanth got up to bathe and told the lion to return home. The mahant and villagers came to offer their reverence to him. The mahant adoringly said, "Bramchariji, you are a divine person. Come and stay with us. We shall appoint you as our head."

"Mahantji ! If i had desired the mudance honours of an ashram, why would I have renounced my home? My aim is to travel to places of pilgrimage,Liberate, and show the world the true path of spirituality."

Despite the mahant's entreaties,Nilkanth remained resolute.He stood up and disappeared into the thick jungle. The mahant and the villagers watched him with amazement and adoration, never to forget him.