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One morning,Ghanshyam and his friends went for a swim in the Meen Lake in Chhapaiya. There,Ghanshyam saw a heap of dead fish nect to brawny fisherman. He sadly thought, "How can this man be so heartless and commit such a cruel sin". Ghanshyam discerned that the fisherman's behaviour stemmed from his ignorance of right and wrong, truth and untruth, violence and nonviolence.

Ghanshyam immediately resolved to revive the fish. He cast divine glance at them, and they sprang to life. One by one, the fish Ieapt into the lake. The fisherman was shocked and, then, very angry! The fisherman spied Ghanshyam looking at the fish and was convincedl that Ghanshyam was behind this. He stormed towards the bank where Ghanshyam was standing. The other boys flinched at fisherman's menacing stritles, but Ghanshyam stood calmly. He simply glaced at the fisherman and willed that he experienced the punishment of Yampuri, which awaited the perpetrators of such violence.

The fisherman instantly froze in his tracks. Instead of Ghanshyam, he saw the terifying form of Lord Yam (the god or death). The fisherman shrieked with fear. As the servants of Lord Yam punished him merilessly, he screamed in pain and terror. He prayed to Ghanshyam "O God , Please save me. I will never again kill fish or perform any sinful acts."

Ghanshyam took pity on the penitent fisherman. With the same compassion that had brought the dead fish back to life,Ghanshyam now, transformed the violent fisherman. Once again ,the fisheman saw the adviced him,"Just like you ,the fish took, have the right to livel".

The fisherman renounced his sinful ways,plending never to kill fish or any other animals.His realisation of the rights and wrong of life made hi, feel blessed, He reverently bowed to Ghanshyam.