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Pushtimarg - Path of Grace

Hindu Religion correctly known as Sanatan Vaidic Dharma has its origin in the most ancient scriptures called "Vedas", "Upanishads", "Shrutis", and the epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata and Bhagavata. Hindu Divine said in Bhagvad Gita that "Whenever there is preponderous of evil forces, the ultimate Divine incarnate (take birth as mortal) and estalish Peace". Based on this, the latest of all Epics- Bhagvat narrates vaious incarnations of the sureme entity of the Universe. The last of these incarnations belieed to be in the 30th Century B.C. was that of Lord Krishna which literally meant highest form of perfect love and embodiment of the fullest manifestation of Bliss.

The lastest of the four principle Acharyas (Spiritual Master) Shree Vallabhacharya expounded Shuddhadwait or Pure non-Dualism and Pushti Margiya Vaishnav faith. He emphasized that Shri Krishna is the personification of the Supreme Entity. He exists in the form of an atom in everybody's heart as an onlooker. Although, He is in everyones' heart, He also pervades everywhere. thus each soul is the part and parcel of the Supreme Entity Shree Krishna Souls are like sparks and Shri Krishna is like fire. They are created from Lord's existence and intelligence of the Lord is unmanifested or latent - in the souls. The souls are eternal.. They are the agents as well as the enjoyers. Although they are the part of the Supreme Entity-Shree Krishna, they forget their real nature of being a part of the Lord. They suffer the cycled of Births and Deaths owing to their EGO, meaning not realising that their very existence is part of the Lord and not indepentdent of Him.

PushtimargBy the sincere and unconditional devotion to the Lord, Souls will realise their true relation to Him and achieve Spritual Beautitude - the ever lasting Bliss of oneness with the Lord. Every soul should take shelter into Lord Krishna. Dedicate everything to Him and serve Him constantnly. One should completely surrender adn submit his life to the Lord. One should consider every happening either good or bad as being His Gift or Sweet desire.

The service of Lord Krishna through the spntaneous feelings of love , is different from the traditional scriptural method of just chanting verses. This school of thought of Faith is known as Pushti Marg. There is Pure non-Dualism between the Supreme Entity-Shree Krishna, and the souls. The relation between the whole and part. Krishna is the Lord or the lover and Souls are His servants or beloveds. Thus instead of teh diviine being worshipped as almighty, PUSHTI MARG shows the path of very spontaneous relationship. It is also evident that the human effort alone is helpless to get the final Spritual Beautitude. The Divine Grace from Shree Krishna is of the utmost necessity.

By the way of Divine love, a devotee reaches a peach of ideal love where He suffers from the Pangs of separation from the Lord. all the self-cnetered instincts of Physical life go to dust and Krishna - Centered love instinct of Divine life is bestowed in the heart.

Instead of "WORSHIP", Pushti Marg emphasizes SERVICE - Sewa to Shree Krishna. The sewa is elaborated to fulfill every kind of happiness of Lord Shree Krishna also known as Shree Nathjee. In Pushti Marg devotee utilizes all fine and sweet human arts for the sake of Lord's happiness. This method of service - Sewa has cultivated the asthetic, Philosophical and Divine approach. The approach of love and beauty. Sewa incorporating various forms of artistic expressions appeal to the asthetic sensitivities of the devotees.

Various arts like music, cooking, decorating, paintings and floral arrangements etc. have been developed in an extra ordinary super manner leading to Spiritual perfection - the realisation of the Supreme Entity - Lord Krishna - Shri Nathjee.

According to the 'Encyclpedia of Religions" PUSHTI MARG is defined as follows:

"Krsna is the Supreme Being and sole existent entity. Both human souls and the material universe are real but limited manifestations that Krsna projects out of himself. The souls on earth have, however, forgotten their true nature as fragments of the divine and have become centered on themselves. This egoism is the primary sin that dooms human beings to separation from Krsna and to an endless succession of birth and deaths. In his mercy Krsna himself came in human form to earth in the Braj area and showed through his own actions the way to salvation through bhakti. The divine grace, which cannot be earned through mere piety or ritual, is available to anyone , regardless of sex, or caste who will forget the ego and center himself or herself on Krsna. Since Krsna's grace is said to be the way (marg) for the nourishment (pushti) of the soul, followersof Vallabha call their religion the Pushtimarg Salvation, the goal of the Pushtimarg, consists of eternal association with Krsna in his paradise beyond ordinary time and space."