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After travelling to Badrinath, Haridwar and Ayodhya, NilKanth headed north to Muktinath. On the way, the King and Queen of Vanshipur lovingly served him. They requested him iuto marry their daughters and become their heir. However , Nilkanth explained that he had a grater mission to accomplish. Early one morning, Nilkanth quietly left to continue his journey.

Nilkanth entered the impenetrable forests in the valley of the Black Mountain (Kala Parvat) during the monsoon of 1793 CE. He walked continuosly for three days and nights through the dense foliage and emerged on 29 August 1793 (A.S 1850, Shravan vad 8). Then Nilkanth waded upstream allnight and reached dry land at dawn.

When Nilkanth finally arrived at Muktinath, he went for darshan at the vishnu mandir. Pulhashram and the reservoir where King Rishabhdev's son, Bharat had performed penance were nearby. Nilokanth Varni resolved to perform austerities there for the liberation of spiritual aspirants.

The next day, Nilkanth woke up at 4:00 am and bathed in the icy river. He went to the reservoir and stood on one leg to meditate.Nilkanth chanted the Gaytri and Sam Veda mantras. He consumed nothing but water and an occational fruit. Nilkanth continued in this way for over two months.

On 15 November 1793 (A.S 1850 ,Kartak sud 12) Surya dev appeared before Nilkanth, who asked for blessing to observe brahmacharya in his life. urya Deva spoke of Nilkanth's glory as supreme God and said, "O Lord , I konw that you desire to establish brahmacharya as an ideal of dharma. You are the source of all virtues;therefore,what you have asked for shall be accomlished ." Happy with this blessing, Nilkanth resumed his pilgrimage in to nepal.