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Krishna Janmashtami

What is Krishna Janmashtami?

Krishna JanmashtamiJanmashtami celebrates the earthly roll-call of Krishna, who is explained in the sacred writings as God Himself. To devotees, its New Year and Christmas’s in one, a day of deep spiritual celebration and renewal that effectively ends an old year and starts a fresh year.

But what’s so distinctive about Krishna, as antagonistic to any other God? This is because of His personable-ness. He make amends in personal, unique and different ways with every devotee who provides Him love—He is the most compassionate friend, the most mischievous, adorable son, the most romantic lover. On Janmashtami, devotees commemorate Krishna in all of these facets. So always consider that whatever method you worship Krishna on Janmashtami, God will make amends with you in that manner.

How is Krishna Janmashtami Celebrated?

Where the temples exist, celebration starts before daybreak and come into effect all day until midnight, the real moment of the Krishna’s anniversary. Occasions include kirtan, singing the name of the Lord along with other people; and private, japa, more enlighten prayer. Some people cook a feast of over 100 dishes; on the other hand, other people perform dance and drama. Some string heavy flower garlands for the temple. Scriptures are read, Incense burns, and all but the infirm and the young fast the entire day. As well as, the devotees are also bathed with a number of favorable liquids in a kind of ablution ceremony known as abhisheka. At midnight, priests pull the curtains to show the cool dressed deity of Krishna on a colored altar and creatively festooned. The aggravation builds, and a rousing kirtan follows!

History of Krishna Janmashtami

Shri Krishna was son of Devki and Vasudeva. Devki was the sister of Kansa. On the event of Devki's marriage there was an akashvani that Mathura king Kansa will be killed by 8th son of Devki so Kansa putted Devki and Vasudev in prison and began killing all their child waiting for her 8th child to come. On Lord Krishna Janmashtami, Shri Krishna had born in that prison but that day somehow Vasudev handled to save Lord Krishna and left Krishna in Nandgaon where his friend Nand Baba. At the same time, Nand Baba’s wife Yashoda had a daughter whom Vasudev brought to the same prison.

Celebration of the Krishna Janmashtami:

The Krishna Janmashtami is the Hindu festival commemorated every year in the Bhadrapada month of Krishna paksh ashtami in accordance with the Hindu calendar. The day is also known as rohini ashtami, saatam aatham, gokulashtami etc. It is the celebration of birth of Shri Krishna that was 8 avatar of Lord Vishnu. Raas-leela and Dahi-Handi are the key traditions of celebrating Janmashtami.

Rituals of Janmashtami:

Fasting- Fasting for the entire day of Saptmi by people is done because it is considered that the fast is for protection of Shri Krishna in the jail Women pull the foot prints of the child with rice flour paste excurse against their house regarding a child like Shri Krishna in their house

Raas-leela- Raas-leela is very famous tradition in the area of Brij. In this area, Raas-leela is performed commonly in ashrams and temples but on the day on Janmashtami it is very famous. It's considered that Shri Krishna use to play raas with Gopis. Therefore, the tradition of Raas-leela is famous.

Dahi Handi- Dahi Handi is the main convention of Janmashtami festival. On this tradition, a team of young people makes a good pyramid and breaks the hanging handi replete with lots of butter. At various places this tradition is a competition where many youth teams participate and whoever breaks the high hanging Handi is revealed to be the winner of event. This convention replicates the love of Shri Krishna for butter and milk. In His childhood, Shri Krishna along with his friends used to invasion the houses of His neighbors in find of butter and milk.

Centers of Celebration:

The major centres of The Lord Krishna Janmashtami celebration are Dwarka and Mathura. Shri Krishna was born and brought up in Gokul, Vrindavan, Mathura, Nandgaon, therefore these are the major centers of Lord Krishna Janmashtami celebrations. Shri Krishna ruled from Dwarka therefore it is the main place of Janmashtami celebration. Except these places this occasion is featured with very prompting all over the country. The Birthplace of Krishna, Vrindavan and Mathura celebrate this festival with great show and pomp. Lord Krishna Janmashtami is also known as Saatam Aatham, Gokulashtami, Krishnashtami, Srikrishna Jayanti Ashtami Rohini, , Sree Jayanti . The Janmashtami is celebrated with great devotion and zeal. The devotees of Lord Krishna perform fast for the whole day and night, worshipping Krishna and stay vigil throughout the night singing devotional songs from the Gita and listening to his reciting hymns, tales. The Janmashtami celebrations and rituals held in the various temples during mid-night.